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Today, we welcome Plane and Capoverso to our theme showcase.



Say hello to Plane, the newest addition to our theme collection. Based on the Flato theme by ThemeMeme, Plane combines clean and modern design and a classic two-column layout. With support for both a custom header and a logo, it’s easy to make your site stand out from the crowd. Plane is the perfect choice for a travel or personal blog.

Learn more about Plane in the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your blog under Appearance → Themes.



Designed by’s own Davide ‘Folletto’ Casali, Capoverso is a minimalist theme with strong typography, designed for those who want to make a bold statement in a simple way. The unique Front Page template allows you to display a large featured image of your choosing, overlaid with brief introductory text and a custom menu…

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All About SEO on

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We get a lot of questions about SEO here on, and no wonder — you work hard on your site and want to get the word out! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO recommendations are intended to help your site rank higher and more accurately in search engines, like Google. Say you write a blog about sailboats. When someone Googles “sailboats,” how many pages of results do they have to scroll through before they see a link to your blog? The goal behind having good SEO is to increase your website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking.

many sailboats On the busy internet, it can be tough to make your “sailboat” stand out from all the others.

Ideally, you want your link to be on the first page of results. The best ways to accomplish this are:

  • consistently publish useful, original posts about sailboats; and
  • promote your blog in intelligent ways to people…

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APM is dead. Long live APM!


There has been a lot of activity in the Application Performance Management (APM) space over the last 18 months. Acquisitions, investments, private equity takeovers – there’s clearly a consensus that APM is increasingly important, especially with the proliferation of cloud-based apps and services.

While all of this activity has been taking place, most APM solutions are still primarily designed to meet the needs of the application builder (dev ops) and operator (network ops). Up until now, this focus on the app producers has made sense. These teams have been the ones with the cost/profit incentives to optimize the apps they provide.

But a relatively new, and much larger, market for APM is emerging. Business operations teams, who increasingly depend on 3rd party apps in the cloud for their day-to-day activities, are seeking solutions that will help them monitor and manage service levels across multiple cloud app providers. These users…

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Web Tracking Techniques

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Web tracking technologies are used to collect, store and connect user web browsing behavior records. The information gained thereby is of interest to various parties.Major motivations for web tracking are:

  • Advertisement companies
  • Law enforcement and intelligence agencies
  • Usability tests of web applications
  • Web analytics

Web analytics

The web analytics field is concerned with the measurement

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